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Dr. Gary Hammen    MD, PhD

Dr. Hammen is a licensed physician treating substance use and other medical problems, including medication assisted treatments and therapy. 

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Getting back on track

Substance use can get people off track in all kinds of ways- drinking more than you mean to, overusing your prescribed medications, time spent making certain you have your drug - harming your relationships, making it more difficult to succeed in work and school. 

Understanding both what tools you need as well as how to use them allows you to get back on track and live your best life.

"Dr Hammen saved my life. I had just given up hope, and he appeared like a guardian angel - he came to me. It hasn't been easy, but no one else understood or listened. I was on the verge of losing everything. . .of just giving up. 

Everything he said about what to expect at each step, the way he explained the medications - I've never had a doctor like him before. For the first time I understood why this was so hard and knew it would get better." -PF

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What are some signs that you might need help getting back on track?

  • Drinking or using more than you thought you would.
  • Drinking or using in situations that you later regret or lead to bad decisions.
  • Drinking or using even though other people tell you they think it’s causing you problems.
  • Having difficulty in your relationships- with your spouse, kids, parents, or friends when you’re using (or when you can’t use).
  • Having problems at work or school when you’re using (or can’t use).
  • Thinking about "it" or using enough that it’s causing you to get distracted from living your best life.



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  Why choose us to help you get back on track?

  • We believe substance dependence is a medical problem that should be treated by a medical doctor.  You will always have your medical appointments with a physician.
  • We believe that addiction can and should be treated in your home environment when medically safe.
  • We understand that many things contribute to substance use and addiction can impact all parts of a persons’ life.  We use both medications and therapy to personalize your care to address your concerns.
  • We use a direct care model, allowing us to emphasize the doctor patient relationship and provide excellent patient care without the hassle of insurance or corporate medicine.


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Call (314) 644-8310 or email to schedule a free initial phone consultation with Dr. Hammen.